Frequently Asked Questions


You can track your order by clicking Track My Package in your bareMinerals Shipping Confirmation email. If you created an account and were logged in at the time of order placement, you can also view your order status under Order History in your account.


For online order payment, we currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express, and bareMinerals Gift Cards and Merchandise Credit Cards that include a pin code.

For Auto Delivery order payment, we currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

If you are shopping with a gift card other than bareMinerals, we encourage you to register the gift card. At this time, we cannot accept non-registered gift cards.

Gift Cards may not be purchased with another Gift Card.


bareMinerals Gift Cards are not available for purchase at this time.

Gift Cards may be used for making purchases at They are not redeemable at other bareMinerals retailers.

Gift Cards may be used multiple times. Gift Cards cannot be returned or exchanged, are not refundable or redeemable for cash, and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen, except as required by law and policy. 


bareMinerals does not and has never conducted animal testing. We also do not work with any manufacturers that conduct animal testing. We comprehensively test all of our products using the most technologically advanced methods available to ensure they are both innovative and safe to use.


Please be assured that bareMinerals does not do business with any domestic or foreign companies that use Child Labor.


Many of our products do not contain ingredients derived from barley, oats, rye, spelt or wheat, which are commonly known sources of gluten. However, due to the wide range of raw materials and equipment used during the manufacturing of our products, we cannot confirm that our products are free from any traces of gluten. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding gluten, and the ingredients contained in our formulas, we recommend that you consult your physician.


We are committed to using ingredients with the highest level of purity across all of our products, and every one of our formulations undergoes both quality and safety testing. While we never use peanut as an ingredient, we do use a wide range of raw materials and equipment during the manufacturing of our products, so we cannot confirm that every product is completely without any traces of peanut. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding peanuts, we recommend that you consult your physician.


Many cosmetic ingredients are sourced from soy. Please check the product’s ingredient listing for soy, or any ingredients that may be derived from soy. Additionally, we use a wide range of raw materials and equipment in the manufacturing of our products, so we cannot confirm that our products are completely without any traces of soy. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding this ingredient, we recommend that you consult your physician.


bareMinerals' order process is automated to distribute products quickly and efficiently. We apologize, but once your order has been placed it cannot be modified or canceled. For more information, please visit our Returns section.

The item(s) within your order including samples are not guaranteed for fulfillment. During the time of order processing, it will be determined whether an item(s) within your order needs to be cancelled due to stock availability issues.  Should your order be cancelled, you will receive a refund for any unshipped product(s). Please note that cancelled item(s) including samples cannot be replaced with an alternative item(s) once the order has been processed.


Samples are a way to try a product before purchasing and we offer a variety of sampling options that include gift with purchase, loyalty perks, and sample packettes that can be included in an order. All samples that are selected from our website must be accompanied by a product purchase as we do not send samples out individually or separately from an order. 

Due to the high volume of orders being placed at this time, the sample you selected may be out of stock at time of shipping and you may receive different samples. We appreciate your understanding.


1. Do I have to re-enroll in the new program if I was a Good Rewards Member before?

If you were a Good Rewards member, and logged into the website between April 2021 to Dec 2022,  the email associated with your Good Rewards account was ported over to our new vendor and your new point value and tier status transferred with that email.

If you have not logged into your Good Rewards account since April 21, 2021 on, your email and allotted points were not carried over to our new Good Rewards Program. To confirm your enrollment, please log into your account and navigate to the Loyalty Member tab. If you were not automatically enrolled, you will need to sign up for the new bareMinerals Good Rewards Program and any previous points earned with Good Rewards will not transfer.

 If you previously logged into after April of 2021, and were a Topaz Tier Member, your points allocation will range between 250-500 points. If you were a Sapphire Tier Member, you will have 1000 points, and if a Diamond Tier Member, 2000 points.

2. Where can I shop and earn points?

You can earn bareMinerals Good Rewards Points when you shop on or make a purchase through Customer Service.


3. How can I earn points without making a purchase?

You can earn Points by participating in a variety of activities. These activities include creating an account,  or signing up for SMS and email.


4. How can I earn points for product reviews?

You can earn Points for product reviews by leaving a review using the email you receive after your purchase on prompting you to leave a review. Please note that if you leave a review on without going through this email you will not receive points for this activity.


5. How do you know when I completed an activity? How are my points tracked?

In order to earn Points for each activity you must be logged into your account and then click on the appropriate links and activities. Points will appear either immediately or may take up to 48 hours depending on the activity completed.


6. If I forget to sign into my account before I make an online purchase or complete an activity, can you add points to my account?

Please always sign into your online account before you checkout to ensure you earn Points for activities as a bareMinerals Good Rewards member.

For purchases, as long as you check out using the email associated with your loyalty account, you will still earn Points for that purchase.


7. How can I redeem my points for Rewards?

You can redeem Points for a variety of rewards by logging into your online account and navigating to the Good Rewards tab.


8. When do my points expire?

Points will expire twelve months after your last purchase. You will receive an email notification when your Points are nearing expiration.


9. How do I become eligible for a a new tier/ status?

New bareMinerals Good Rewards are automatically enrolled as Topaz Tier Members. If you earn 1,000 Points in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31) you will be elevated to a Sapphire Tier Member. If you earn 2,000 points a calendar year, you will be elevated to a Diamond Tier Member. You will receive an email notification each time your tier status is updated.


10. When will I receive my Diamond Welcome and Diamond Anniversary Gifts?

If you receive a diamond or anniversary gift, these rewards will appear in your cart. For diamond it will appear the month of your entry and anniversary the month of your anniversary of being a diamond member.


11. Will I be charged for shipping when redeeming my Birthday Gift, Welcome Gift, Anniversary Gift, or Reward product online?

Our normal Shipping Policy applies when you redeem your reward or gift online. A gift or reward cannot be redeemed alone and must be included with an order when redeeming on


12. When will I receive my Birthday Gift?

All Good Rewards members are eligible for their birthday gift during their birthday month. To redeem your birthday gift, visit Use unique promo code at checkout. Free gift can be redeemed online at or through our Customer Care Center by calling 888-795-4747 when making a purchase.

If you join the bareMinerals Good Rewards Program during your birthday month, your birthday gift will not be available for 24-48 hours from the time of enrollment, so please check your cart on 24-48 hours from the time you joined.



If you do not see your birthday gift in your cart on or have not received your Promotion Code, please contact Customer Service at (888) 795-4747.


13. Where could I find the program's Terms & Conditions?

You could find the program's Terms & Conditions here.



1. What is Subscription?

Subscription is a service where you can set up automatic shipments of select bareMinerals products at your preferred frequency with 10% off and free shipping.


2. What is the advantage to Subscription?

With Subscription, you'll never be without your favorite bareMinerals products. You'll also receive 10% off and complimentary shipping on all Subscription orders.


3. How will I know about my upcoming Subscription order?

You will receive an email confirming your upcoming Subscription order 10 days in advance of the delivery date. You can update the frequency or cancel an upcoming order from your reminder email.


4. Can I edit, cancel, or change the frequency of my upcoming Subscription cycle?

Yes. To manage your Subscription order(s) at any time, sign into your account and go to Subscriptions in the My Account tab. You can cancel or edit the quantity and frequency of your Subscription cycle up to 24 hours before your next order. Your next scheduled replenishment order date will display in this section as well. 


5. Can I enroll in multiple subscriptions to receive an additional discount?

We currently offer 10% off and free shipping on your Subscription(s). There is no limit to how many subscriptions you can have to receive your 10% discount. If you want to take advantage of additional promotions and offers, we recommend placing a separate order.


6.  Who do I contact if I experience issues placing or managing my Subscription order(s)?

You can manage your account by signing in and going to Subscriptions in the My Account tab or by contacting bareMinerals Customer Care team at


7. Is Subscription available on all products?

We offer Subscription on select products. You can see if an item is available for Subscription on it's product page.


8. Will I be charged for shipping on my Subscription order?

All Subscription orders include complimentary standard delivery. If you would like to receive an order with priority shipping, we recommend placing a separate order.


9. What forms of payment can be used for my Subscription order?

You can pay with any valid credit card. Please note, Afterpay is not an acceptable form of payment on replenishment orders.


10. Can I change my method of payment for my Subscription cycle?

You can change, add or update your valid credit card information for an upcoming Subscription order from within My Account.


11. Can I edit the shipping address for an upcoming Subscription order?

Subscription orders are shipped to the default billing and shipping addresses. You can edit this information up to 24 hours in advance of your next order by logging into My Account.


13. Where could I find the program's Terms & Conditions?

You could find the program's Terms & Conditions here.