Lip Gloss-Balm

This hybrid lip gloss-balm in one is sheer color, glossy shine and creates irresistibly soft lips.

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Dewy Lip Gloss-Balm

Nourishes lips with all-day juicy shine* + 24 hr hydration**.

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MINERALIST® Lip Gloss-Balm

Nourishing lip gloss and balm hybrid that hydrates lips with a glossy shine.

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GEN NUDE® Patent Lip Lacquer

This vegan lip lacquer delivers full-coverage color with ultra-glossy shine.

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Top Your Look with a Lip Gloss

The hero product of every clean-girl makeup look is lip gloss. Whether you go for a sheer nude lip gloss or add a touch of pink with a berry shade, a simple swipe immediately elevates your look. Find the perfect hydrating lipgloss at bareMinerals in a shade that’s designed to suit your skin tone.

Meet Your New Daily Lip Balm

At bareMinerals, we prioritize natural ingredients that are good for you and the planet–and that goes for our line of lip glosses, too. Our Mineralist clean lip gloss is vegan, paraben-free and formulated without synthetic fragrance. And what’s even better? This lip balm gloss delivers up to 50% smoother lips in just one week.

Tinted Lip Balm for No-Makeup Makeup Days

Using a lip balm not only makes your lips look plump and healthy–it can nourish your lips, too (especially a vegan lip gloss made with natural fruit oils!). Because we love both a natural, barely-there makeup look and a full glam getup, we created a line of lip balm gloss that combines both. Get the nourishing effects of a balm and the vibrancy and color of a gloss!

Lip Gloss FAQs

How to apply lip gloss?

To apply lip gloss, start by prepping your lips. You can exfoliate them to ensure a smooth canvas. Apply a lip balm or primer to keep your lips hydrated. Then, using the applicator, apply the lip gloss directly to the center of your bottom lip, following the natural curve of your lips. Press your lips together to spread the gloss evenly, and if needed, use the applicator to fill in any remaining spaces. Be mindful not to apply too much, as it can lead to excessive stickiness or globs of gloss.

What is lip gloss made of?

Lip gloss typically consists of a blend of ingredients such as oils, waxes, emollients, and pigments. The base usually includes components like mineral oil, castor oil, or lanolin, providing the glossy texture. Mineralist Lip Gloss-Balm contains Sea Buckhorn Fruit Oil to make lips nourished and Plum Oil which delivers a high shine.

How long does lip gloss last?

The longevity of lip gloss can vary based on the formula and how frequently you eat, drink, or talk, which can wear it off. On average, lip gloss tends to last for a few hours before needing reapplication. Glosses with oilier or thicker formulas might last longer, while sheer or lighter formulas may need more frequent touch-ups.

How do I get glossy lips?

Achieving glossy lips involves applying a lip gloss that contains oils, emollients, and shine-enhancing ingredients. Ensure your lips are well-hydrated and exfoliated to create a smooth base. Apply the lip gloss evenly for a glossy finish, reapplying as needed throughout the day to maintain the shine.

Are there clean lip balms?

Yes, there are clean and natural lip balms available. These products are made with organic or natural ingredients, avoiding synthetic or potentially harmful components like parabens, phthalates, or artificial fragrances. They aim to provide hydration and protection using more natural and sustainable components.

Can I use lip gloss as lip balm?

Lip gloss typically contains moisturizing ingredients, but its primary purpose is to add shine and enhance the appearance of lips, rather than provide long-term hydration or protection. While it can temporarily hydrate, it's not a replacement for lip balm. If you're looking for consistent moisture and protection, it's better to use a dedicated lip balm for those purposes.

What's the difference between lip oil and lip gloss?

The main difference between lip oil and lip gloss lies in their formulation and finish. Lip gloss typically has a thicker, more viscous texture, providing a high-shine and often a more pigmented color. Lip oil, on the other hand, is lighter and more oil-based, offering sheer color and intense hydration. Lip oils focus on nourishing the lips while providing a subtle shine, while lip gloss emphasizes shine and color payoff.

Is there vegan lip balm?

Yes, there are plenty of vegan lip balm options available. Vegan lip balms are made without any animal-derived ingredients, such as beeswax, and instead, they use plant-based or synthetic components to provide hydration and protection for the lips. Many brands explicitly market their lip balms as vegan, making it easier to find suitable options.

How to use lip liner and lip gloss together?

To use lip liner and lip gloss together, start by outlining your lips with a lip liner that matches your natural lip color or the shade of your gloss. Then, fill in your lips with the liner to create a base. Apply the lip gloss over the liner, blending the two together for a seamless finish. The liner helps define the lips and prevent the gloss from feathering while enhancing the color and shine.