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Elevate your under eye care routine with bareMinerals' collection. Our range offers
everything you need to nourish and revitalize your under eyes. Explore our top rated
formulas crafted to refresh and pamper your delicate under eye area.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 Stars (300 Reviews)

AGELESS Phyto-Retinol Eye Cream

Eye cream plant-based retinol alternative that reduces fine lines and puffiness.

Regular price  $53.00

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 Stars (146 Reviews)

SKINLONGEVITY® Long Life Herb Eye Treatment

Anti-aging eye treatment, powered by Long Life Herb.

Regular price  $41.00

All About Under Eye care

Our Favorite Under Eye Cream

If you’re looking for an under eye cream that reduces fine lines and puffiness, isn’t comedogenic, and is plant-based, we have exactly what you need. Our Ageless Phyto-Retinol Under Eye Cream is clinically shown to reduce crow’s feet and puffiness and improve skin’s texture and hydration–both instantly and over time. Add this to your Skin care routine and enjoy the benefits today.

Why Under Eye Skincare Matters

Just like you use a moisturizer on your face and body, the delicate skin beneath your eyes needs extra hydration, too. With the right under eye skincare products, you can reduce fine lines, improve the signs of aging, combat dark circles, and reduce puffiness. Create your perfect anti-aging skincare routine with our selection of eye wrinkle

Sick of Eye Puff? Cream Can Help

Puffy under eyes can be the result of too much salt, not enough water, not getting enough sleep, or allergies. While some of these things are within our control, it’s nice to have an under eye cream that reduces puffiness on days you can’t help it. Luckily, we have two eye creams to choose from that offer unbelievable anti-aging benefits. For more skincare, see
what other products we have that can improve the look of your skin over time.

Under Eye Skincare FAQs

What is best for skin under eyes?

A specific under eye cream is always going to be best for the skin under the eyes. Because the skin is so delicate, you want a gentle-yet-effective formula that targets fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and more.

What skincare helps eyebags?

The best skincare for eyebags includes under eye creams with phyto-retinol or Long Life Herb. Both of these ingredients help resist visible signs of aging while the soothing creams provide instant relief to puffy under eyes.

What is the best product for dark circles under eyes?

Our Skinlongevity Eye Treatment is great for dark circles as it dramatically improves key visible signs of aging, including a 25% clinical reduction in dark circles. Simply dab a small amount under the eye after applying any face
both morning and night.

Is vitamin C good for under-eye circles?

Yes, Vitamin C is good for under eye circles because it targets hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones. By using a vitamin C serum daily, you’ll notice brighter, more even skin (including the dark circles under your eyes) in as little as four weeks.

How can I tighten and smooth skin under my eyes?

Our under eye bags treatment is the perfect antidote to loose skin under the eyes. Made with Long Life Herb, it’s clinically shown to strengthen skin so it looks younger for longer.

How do you treat puffy skin under your eyes?

You can treat puffy skin under your eyes with a cold compress, cut down on salt, up your hydration, or use an under eye cream that targets puffy skin, fine lines, and dark circles.

Is retinol good for puffy eyes?

Yes, retinol is good for puffy eyes as it speeds up the skin’s natural renewal system. This means it can help reduce puffiness in a shorter time. If you want to experience the benefits of retinol without the common irritation associated with it, we suggest trying our phyto-retinol under eye cream–a plant-based alternative that offers all the same results with none of the side effects.

What skincare is good for puffy eyes?

The best skincare for puffy eyes include formulas with caffeine, chamomile, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and phytoretinol. Lucky for you, our Ageless Phyto-Retinol under eye cream offers a few of these key ingredients so you can
experience instant results.