How To Prep Your Skin For Party Season

November 29, 2023

The festive season has a lot going for it, there are parties and drinks after work and ample excuses to get dressed up. That said, a packed schedule plus late nights can take its toll on skin, leaving it looking and feeling dry and lackluster. And if you live in colder climes, the constant back and forth between heated indoors and cold outdoors, accelerates dehydration making skin feel sensitive and crepey. In fact, many of us complain of dry skin in winter.

Adapting your skincare routine for the colder months and taking extra care to double down on nourishment and hydration in the run up to the holidays, will help see you through the festive season as your best, most luminous self. Here’s what you need to know.

How to prevent dry winter skin and look radiant for the holidays

Go big on hydration

Pamper your skin more than usual in the weeks running up to the holidays to ensure you look as radiant as possible, even if your diary is overflowing with commitments. Hydration is essential for happy, balanced, and radiant skin so opt for rich textures that will flood skin with moisture without clogging pores. We love Butter Drench Restorative Rich Cream which has been clinically proven to boost the skin’s hydration levels by 354%*.

And don’t forget eye cream. The skin around the eye area is thinner and more fragile, meaning it’s quick to dry out. Choose a balancing and comforting formula such as SKINLONGEVITY Long Life Herb Eye Treatment.

Don’t skip serum

Serums enhance your skincare routine by delivering potent targeted hydrators. Combining serum and moisturizer is the best way of getting maximum hydration. Press two pumps of bareMinerals SKINLONGEVITY Long Life Herb Serum onto cleansed skin, morning, and evening. It contains Boosted Long Life Herb, California Poppy, and Niacinamide to nurture and strengthen your skin’s protective barrier, helping to prevent moisture loss.

Prepare for makeup

Applying makeup to dry skin will only emphasize dry patches and imperfections such as breakouts. “It’s so important to prep your skin with skincare before applying foundation,” says Giglio. “It’s like prepping your walls to paint. You want the best canvas possible, and makeup undoubtedly looks better when applied to properly prepped skin.” Apply a generous layer of moisturizer to skin and massage into ensure it penetrates, before blending over your foundation.

Maximize your nighttime skincare routine

For the glowiest, juiciest skin upgrade your evening skin routine so your skin is fed and nourished while you sleep. “I love SKINLONGEVITY Long Life Herb Night Treatment for overnight hydration. Your skin feels super hydrated and smooth when you wake up in the morning,” says Giglio. For extra care, invest in a humidifier to transform your bedroom’s dry air into a more comforting and hydrating environment for your skin.

Finally, now is not the time for forgo SPF

“Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that it’s okay to skip UV protection,” Giglio says. Make sure to account for it in your skincare routine every day before applying makeup, and bring the formula down onto your neck and décolleté if they are on show.

*After one use, based on a 4-week independent clinical study of 42 people.