Red Clover: A Gentle Herb with Powerful Beauty Benefits

November 29, 2023


Red Clover: A Gentle Herb with Powerful Beauty Benefits

Red clover is a wild herb that thrives in Europe, Asia and North America (though 'red' is a bit of a misnomer as the flower itself is often a purple hue) and boasts a number of benefits when it comes to topical usage. It's an important ingredient in our STRENGTH & LENGTH Eyebrow Gel, which inspired us to explore the various uses for and benefits of red clover.

The Key Benefits of Red Clover

Let's start from the beginning. Throughout history, many cultures have ingested the red clover plant, either as part of their diets or for medicinal purposes. Traditionally, both Chinese and Russian cultures have used red clover as a treatment for respiratory issues, while Native Americans have used the plant to treat burns, coughs and fevers, and even ate the leaves as food.

In modern times, red clover has been used as a health supplement, mostly for the treatment of menopausal symptoms, as well as used topically on hair and skin. In order to be incorporated into topical products, red clover must first be prepared as an extract. Once it's in this powerful form, the ingredient can be used topically for a few different purposes.

When it comes to skincare, red clover extract is utilized in serums and ointments for myriad reasons such as visibly firming skin and enhancing complexion. Red clover has also become a popular ingredient in shampoos and hair treatments to support hair health. In fact, research done by Obstetrics and Gynecology International reveals that red clover extract may even increase hair growth for those experiencing hair loss due to alopecia.



Red clover extract is also a key ingredient in our STRENGTH & LENGTH Eyebrow Gel. The potent ingredient provides powerful strengthening benefits for healthier-looking brows.

In addition to red clover extract, these clean, nurturing formulas contain a peptide-rich serum to double down on promoting healthy-looking brows. This complex of red clover extract and peptide-rich serum works in two essential ways. First, it helps strengthen hair at the root so that it can better withstand daily stressors, such as makeup removal, eye rubbing and exposure to elements. Second, it creates better conditions to maximize hair growth.

True to bareMinerals, these products are formulated without any unnecessary additives or harsh ingredients so you can feel confident when applying them every day.