What's Phyto-Retinol? Everything You Need to Know About This Plant-Based Alternative

November 22, 2023


We believe products should deliver visible results, but also be kind to your skin. Retinol is one of the best-known ingredients that delivers amazing results, but retinol products are infamous for irritating side effects like flaking, redness and dryness. Enter our AGELESS Phyto-Retinol* Skincare Collection.

BareMinerals saw an opportunity in the anti-aging category; people love the typical benefits of retinol products but have learned these can have harsh side effects. We wanted to offer people, regardless of age, gentle formulas that were still highly efficacious.

This led our team to explore plant-based vegan skincare alternatives that won't cause the inflammation of traditional retinols. Our AGELESS products are powered by an effective Phyto-Retinol from the Picăo Preto plant. Here's everything you need to know about our newest (and possibly most exciting!) botanical ingredient.

What Is Phyto-Retinol?

Traditional retinol is an active form of Vitamin A, which can come from synthetic sources. However, our plant-based retinol alternative provides the same benefits but comes from nature.

How Phyto-Retinol Works

Retinol works by promoting surface skin cells to turn over more rapidly. Traditional retinol also hampers the breakdown of collagen and thickens the deeper layers of skin. It's effective but harsh on the skin.

Our Phyto-Retinol, which is in every AGELESS product, is tested to be as effective as retinol, but without the traditional redness, dryness or sensitivity. Our retinol alternative is plant-based and works with your skin to minimize the cause of inflammation or irritation at the same time.

The AGELESS collection has been dermatologist and clinically tested. In just one week, you will see fewer fine lines, more even skin tone and smoother skin texture.


Benefits for All Ages

Phyto-Retinol is great for both preventing the signs of aging and helping to refine the skin. For younger skin, Phyto-Retinol helps to prevent fine lines, improves skin's texture and boosts radiance. For more mature skin, Phyto-Retinol helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, improves dullness and improves the overall texture of the skin in just one week.

Phyto-Retinol for Acne

The Picăo Preto plant-based ingredient is also non-comedogenic making it a great option for acne-prone skin.

Phyto-Retinol for Lips

Traditional retinol can be irritating to the sensitive skin around your mouth; however, our plant-based alternative is even gentle enough for lips. Our AGELESS lip treatments include a nourishing balm for daily use and a renewing mask to help improve the look of fine lines overnight.

It Won't Dry Out Your Skin

When we found this incredible botanical with very low potential for irritation, we didn't stop there. All the AGELESS products are formulated to hydrate the skin instantly and over time, as hydration is a key element for skin health.

Our formulas also include protein peptides and hyaluronic acid, which are both well known to provide long-lasting moisture and nourishment to the skin.

It's Safe for Daily Use and All Skin Tones

While traditional retinol should be used cautiously during the day, as it increases photosensitivity, AGELESS products are safe to use during the daytime. However, we always recommend using an SPF product during the day, regardless of your skin routine. After all, the best preventative aging product is a great SPF!

One more difference between our new Phyto-Retinol and the traditional retinol products you may be used to is you don't have to gradually integrate Phyto-Retinol into your routine like traditional retinols. Our formulas are so gentle to the skin you are able to use them daily.

And last, but certainly not least, we do want to note that bareMinerals products are developed to work on all skin tones, so everyone will see skin-improving results without any unwanted discoloration.

*Plant-based retinol alternatives