Bronzer Basics - Everything You Need to Know About Bronzer

April 03, 2024

Bronzer is a makeup product that can add dimension to the face, mimicking a sun-kissed glow. It is typically a powder or cream product that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Bronzer is used to contour the face, adding depth and definition.

What is Face Bronzer and Where to Apply It?

Bronzer is applied to areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit, such as the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. It can also be applied to the nose and chin for a more cohesive look. Using a fluffy brush, lightly dust bronzer onto these areas, blending well for a seamless finish.

Warmth All-Over Face Color Bronzer

Warmth All-Over Face Color Bronzer is a versatile bronzer that can be used on the face, eyes, and body to add a natural-looking warmth. This loose powder bronzer is made with only 6 natural mineral ingredients. Unlike some bronzing powders that make skin look muddy or orange, this cult-favorite Warmth All-Over Face Color Bronzer looks natural, thanks to its easy-to-blend, streak-free powder format. Just like our ORIGINAL Foundation, all you have to do is Swirl, Tap and Buff the loose mineral formula for a look that blends into skin.

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Warmth All-Over Face Color Bronzer

Allover face powder to highlight your complexion with a touch of radiance.

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Seamless Shaping & Finish Brush

Two-way taper this makeup brush makes bronzing and contouring a breeze.

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Gen Nude Blonzer 

Want a 2-in-1 product? Gen Nude Blonzer is a combination of bronzer and blush in one compact, making it easy to add both color and dimension to the cheeks. The blend of bronzer and blush creates a flattering flush of color that enhances the complexion. It is available in 5 flattering shades. Apply in a "W" shape sweeping across the face for a naturally sun kissed look. 

Whether you prefer a subtle sun-kissed glow or a more sculpted look, bronzer is a versatile makeup product that can help you achieve a radiant complexion. Experiment with different shades and application techniques to find the perfect bronzer for your skin tone and desired look.

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Kiss of Spice
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GEN NUDE® Blonzer® Blush + Bronzer

Blush + bronzer hybrid, gives cheeks a rosiness plus a sun-kissed glow.

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Blooming Blush Brush

Perfectly angled for applying blushes and bronzers onto face contours.

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Complexion Rescue Liquid Blonzer 

Our Blonzer, the perfect fusion of a blush and bronzer, is now available in a gel-cream formula. The ultimate liquid bronzer and cream blush duo for a radiant, natural-looking complexion. 

Finter-tip application is recommended. To apply, squeeze a small amount onto the back of the hand and use ring finger to warm up the product. Begin at the cheek in a tapping motion upward toward the temple.
Pick up additional product and repeat on the other cheek. Use whatever is left on the finger and blend onto the bridge of the nose. Press down the sides of the bridge of the nose to connect into a “W”. Repeat application until desired intensity is achieved. If using a brush, pair with the Blooming Blush brush, and work the brush into the product on the back of the hand, then apply the same way by pressing the brush onto the skin. For best results, apply after foundation.

Kiss of Spice
+5 Shades
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An innovative clean blush + bronzer gel-cream hybrid.

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