Everything You Need to Know About Loose Powder Foundation

November 28, 2023

Our ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation is one of those rare makeup items to earn icon status since its launch in 1995. Easy to use, excellent natural-looking coverage, and formulated with skin-loving ingredients, it’s not difficult to see why it’s still the no.1 mineral foundation in the US. And did we mention? It contains only 5 ingredients! Here, we answer all your questions about this much-loved hero product.

Your ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation questions, answered

What’s the difference between powder foundation vs. liquid foundation

Whether you opt for a liquid or powder foundation really depends on your own skin type and the kind of finish you hope to create. Typically speaking, a powder foundation complements oilier skin types, while liquid foundations are ideal for drier skins. That said, a formula such as ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation bridges the gap between the two. It’s a powder foundation formulation with excellent skincare properties, making it a fantastic option for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Containing just seven good-for-skin vegan ingredients, the formula has been clinically shown to absorb excess oil, reduce shine, and promote clearer, healthier-looking skin over time. Skin looks like skin, not powdery or dry, just naturally luminous.

How to use powder foundation

The secret to a beautiful finish is in the application. It’s as simple as Swirl, Tap, Buff.

Swirl a small amount of foundation into the lid with your chosen brush to warm up the minerals. Tap off the excess powder. Buff the powder into your skin in circular motions for a creamy finish.

For an expert finish, pair ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation with the Beautiful Finish Foundation Brush. It has been custom made for this application and fits perfectly into the cap. The skirted silhouette helps to hold the minerals in place before releasing them onto the skin as you buff.

How to set powder foundation

It’s not absolutely necessary to set a powder foundation but a light layer of our iconic MINERAL VEIL Setting Powder will extend its wear and smooth the appearance of skin texture and pores. Not only that, but you will be topping up your UV protection as it boasts a broad spectrum SPF 25.

For extra longevity, apply a light layer of primer before your foundation. PRIME TIME Original Pore Minimizing Primer delivers a velvety smooth finish, while mattifying and controlling oil.

How long is foundation good for?

It’s important to only use makeup (and skincare) that’s within its shelf life to avoid burdening your skin with bacteria. If unopened, our products have a two-year shelf life. Once you have opened it, you should use it within one year. This is because the natural minerals separate and could become discolored after that time.

Does bareMinerals ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation have SPF?

Yes. ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation has mineral-based SPF 15 sun protection against UVA and UVB, making it a great top up for your daily SPF.

Is it bareMinerals foundation gluten free?

Yes, it is gluten-free and made of only seven vegan ingredients, including titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Is bareMinerals foundation paraben free?

Yes, it’s paraben free and it doesn’t contain unnecessary additives, binders, fillers, or talc.

What concealer works well with this?

ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation is the ultimate multi-tasker. Using a smaller brush, such as Shade & Diffuse Eye Brush swirl, tap, and buff a small amount of powder over any areas where you feel you need additional coverage.