Here's How To Find Your Perfect Foundation & Concealer Shade

February 14, 2024

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to find your perfect foundation shade, or how to choose a concealer shade, then you have come to the right place. Your perfect shade is out there, and we don’t believe it should ever be complicated to find it. Here, we’ll take you through a foundation finder, of sorts. We’ll introduce you to the ‘how to find the right foundation quiz’ (Aka, our Foundation Quiz) and reveal our foundation shades chart. You’re just a few steps away from discovering your ultimate shade…

Foundation and Concealer Shade Finder Tool

Get matched in under a minute with our foundation match finder AI. Either upload a picture or allow the program to take one in situ via your camera. In seconds you’ll receive your recommended shade matches across the entire bareMinerals foundation spectrum: from Complexion Rescue to Original Loose Powder Foundation, and everything in between. The recommended shades are incredibly accurate, but you can also filter your results to a shade cooler, warmer, lighter, or deeper, depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve. Shade matching has never been easier.

How to find your foundation shade

While the Find Your Match AI will happily do the hard work for you, it’s worth understanding how to shade match your own skin to get the most of your base products. Finding your best shade of concealer works in the same way. Either chose a concealer in a corresponding shade to your foundation, or follow the below steps:

Step 1: Identify your skin tone

Your natural tone will fluctuate throughout the year depending on UV exposure, so you should carry out an assessment before investing in a new foundation. Look at your skin in natural daylight and notice whether it’s uniform in color (it’s not unusual for your skin tone to vary from hairline to jawline). If this is the case, match to the color at your jawline. And bear in mind, if you wear SPF every day, your face might be paler than the rest of your body so you may want to try a shade darker than your natural face coloring to even everything out.

Step 2: Identify your undertone

Your undertone is just as important as your skin tone. Similar skin shades may vary greatly depending on your heritage. This is how to know whether you have a cool, neutral, or warm undertone:

Skin with a cool undertone may have visible bluish veins and burn, but never tan. You likely look great in silver jewelry.

Skin with a neutral undertone could be described as olive toned. When it comes to the sun, you likely burn sometimes, but could also be able to tan. You look great in silver or gold jewelry.

Skin with a warm undertone may have veins that appear green in natural light. You likely tan easily, and you look your best wearing gold jewelry.

Step 3: Test foundation and concealer on bare skin in natural light

Now you know your coloring it’s time to test a shade-or-two. We’ve made it easy to identify the shades that are likely to complement you best, by identifying skin tone and undertone in the shade name.

For example, NEW BarePro 24 Hr Wear Skin-Perfecting Matte Liquid Foundation is available in 40 shades with names such as Light 28 Neutral, and Deep 56 Cool.

Foundation and concealer can look different in different light so, if you can, swipe a swatch onto bare skin and access it under natural lighting, indoor lighting, and the starkness of office or retail lighting if that is where you work. Natural light tends to be the most unforgiving so if your shade match looks good in daylight, it will look great everywhere else.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to identify your skin tone and undertone and how to test foundation and concealer, use our foundation quiz to help find your shade and new favorite foundation.

Discover the foundation shades chart

As we know, there’s more to finding the perfect foundation shade than picking from light, medium, and dark. Matching your shade to your undertone is crucial for a seamless finish. the shades within the BarePro 24 Hr Wear Skin-Perfecting Matte Liquid Foundation line have been formulated across a spectrum of undertones. Please review our Foundation Shades Chart below:

Foundation shades chart