The Truth About How Makeup Can Improve Your Skin

May 24, 2024

Here at bareMinerals, you know that we're all about skin-nourishing ingredients but we believe this should apply to both makeup and skincare. Our mineral foundations are formulated to not only provide coverage, but actively work to improve the look of your own skin. It all started with our ORIGINAL Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 15, a breakthrough formula that's as kind to skin as it is luminous. We've since created a wide range of clean, vegan foundations.

Our latest innovation is BarePro 24HR Wear Skin-Perfecting Matte Liquid Foundation. We cracked the code and made a comfortable matte foundation. The formula is sweat, heat, humidity, water, transfer, smudge proof** and protects against UVA/UVB rays with broad spectrum mineral SPF 20.

If you're curious how a foundation can do all that, look no further.  Read on to learn all about makeup that is good for your skin.

How Can Makeup Improve Skin's Texture?

Aside from providing mate coverage, BarePro 24HR Wear Skin-Perfecting Matte Liquid Foundation is clinically shown to even skin tone in 7 days* and improve skin’s texture overtime (7 days/1 week)*. Our foundations dont cover imperfections, they help improve skin over time.

What's the Benefit of Using Naturally Derived Ingredients?

Upcycled Pomegranate Peel Extract helps brighten and even skin tone instantly and overtime. What does upcycled mean? Upcycling is transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials. We take pomegranate peels from juice factories in Italy and use their potent extract stored in the peels. The pomegranate extract helps brighten and even skin tone instantly and overtime.

It's not often you encounter a foundation that makes your skin look good even when you're not wearing it, that's what's so special about arePro 24HR Wear Skin-Perfecting Matte Liquid Foundation. It will help  brighten and even your skin tone in only a week.

*Based on a clinical test by an independent lab

**Based on a consumer test